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Giles, Shane

Thank you for  taking the time to consider Lumen Christi for your child. We understand what an important decision it is for you. 

The motto of Lumen Christi challenges all of us to ‘Be the Light of Christ’. This motto underpins all that we do as a College, from our everyday interaction with people to our involvement in the local community. The theme of light is also central to our broader educational mission as we attempt to inspire all students to ‘Shine their Light’ and be the best they can be.

Dedicated to educating the whole person, Lumen Christi is part of a wider community committed to providing the best possible opportunities to the young people on the Far South Coast and Bombala region.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact the College.  

Shane Giles


Parent Testimonials

Lumen Christi is fortunate to have a supportive parent body. Read the experiences of some of our families at Lumen Christi:

Branagan Family

Why did you choose Lumen Christi?

We chose Lumen Christi because we feel the school has fabulous facilities and resources and our eldest child wanted to go here as some of his friends were going. We feel it has a nice community spirit and our children come first and Lumen Christi wants what’s best for the students.

What has surprised you about your experience?

It has enlightened our family to hear wonderful songs and learning that takes place relating to the Catholic education.

What are the benefits of our school for your child?

We feel the students are acknowledged for their strengths and their learning is assisted in detail. We are very pleased with his kindergarten teacher and how she has facilitated his learning and development. She is positive and we have seen great changes in many aspects of his formal schooling. He is confident to write, read and his drawing skills are improving. He has respect and a very good relationship with his teacher and this is evident in his enthusiasm to attend school.

Through remote learning our kindergarten teacher was supportive and answered all our questions with kindness and understood our family dynamics on what was achievable. The positive comments and support throughout the whole time was amazing and we were so thrilled to be on campus when school returned. We were in the position of not receiving a place at Lumen Christi initially. However with a large number of children not receiving a position, a different course of action was undertaken and if they had numbers a second class would be created. We will be forever thankful and grateful to Steve Centra, Sandra Foley and Matthew Lynn for advocating for a second kindergarten class at Lumen Christi in 2020. So we feel they went above and beyond to cater for the community.

Conville Family

Why did you choose Lumen?

We chose to send our kids to Lumen Christi because we wanted them to be part of a community-minded school that delivers a high level of education in a supportive environment.

What has surprised you about your experiences at this school?

We have been very impressed with the range of subjects and facilities that our children have been exposed to, such as STEM, music and a wide variety of sports. It makes our hearts sing to see the kids walk in a pack down to the beach for picnics, sports and community clean-up.