How to Enrol

Lumen Christi Catholic College is a dynamic learning environment. We are dedicated to educating the whole person, and to providing a diverse range of opportunities which enable young people to be the best they can be, whilst valuing the input of parents and carers and the wider community in this mission.

Enrolment at Lumen Christi is open to all who are willing to support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic schooling. Families who choose a Catholic school for their children do so on the understanding that they respect and agree to support the Catholic identity of the school and acknowledge the importance of religious education for their children.

Students with special needs are welcomed at Lumen Christi.  Please contact our Enrolment Officer for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our College community.

Enrolment dates for 2020

  • Our Kindergarten 2020 enrolment period commences Term 2, 30 April 2019, letters of offer will be sent to families in September 2019.
  • The Year 7 2020 enrolment period commences 1 April 2019.

4 Steps to Enrolling your child ...

Once you've decided on Lumen Christi for your child's education, there are four easy steps to enrolling your child:  

  1. Download or request an Enrolment Pack from the College. 
  2. Read and sign the Enrolment Pack.
  3. Contact tour Enrolment Officer to book an interview.
  4. Attend the enrolment interview with your child. 

Our Enrolment Officer will advise at the time of interview booking of any supporting documentation you may need to bring to interview. 

So we can best meet your child's needs and educational requirements it is essential that you advise our Enrolment Officer of any known physical, medical or learning needs at the time of making your enrolment interview.     

Information Sessions 

College Open Day

Wednesday 29 May 2019, 9:00am to 5:00pm.   Regular College tours will be held throughout the day and includes an information session at 11:45am for prospective students and their families

Year 10 - 12 HSC Course Advice Evening - dates to be confirmed

Year 9 -11 Education Pathways and Subject Selection Evening - dates to be confirmed

Year 7 Orientation Day

Friday, 29 November 2019 –  9:00am to 3:20pm. Students should wear their primary sports uniform and runners. Bring pencil case, recess, lunch, drink & hat. A sausage sizzle will also be held at lunchtime

Kindergarten Orientation Program 

  • Day 1 Tuesday, 5 November 2019  –  9:00am to 10:15am
  • Day 2 Thursday, 14 November 2019  –  9:00am to 10:15am
  • Day 3 Tuesday,   19 November 2019  –  9:00am to 10:15am
  • Day 4 Thursday, 28 November 2019  –  9:00am to 10:15am- This day includes an information session for parents commencing at 9:00am.

Children attend all 4 days and bring a drink.

Dates for all other events are advertised on Skoolbag.  Further information can also be obtained from our Enrolment Officer.

College Handbook and more information

To find out more about Lumen Christi please download our College Handbook or telephone our Enrolment Officer on 6495 8892.

Enrolment Enquiries

Enrolment Officer Mrs Sandra Foley
Phone 02 6495 8829
Fax 02 6495 8887