The College Community Council provides the opportunity for members of the College, Parish and Archdiocesan community to support the mission of Catholic education. Working with the Principal and staff, the Community Council members provide welcomed discussions to the College community.

The Community Council has an advisory role within the Council. The procedures of the College are always set within the wider mission of Catholic Education. In the areas where it has responsibility for the development and monitoring of policy

The focus of the School Community Councils will remain on parents and carers and members of our school communities working together with the Parish Priest and school staff to make our schools the best that they can be. This may be by supporting the Principal to make strategic decisions about the school, promoting our school within the local community, participating in community or fundraising activities, or strengthening our relationships with our local parishes. Supporting the Principal and Parish Priest in the development and promotion of Catholic identity, the ethos and mission of the school will continue to be a cornerstone of the work of our School Community Councils. the Community Council operates within the policy and procedures determined by the Catholic Education Commission and the Catholic Education Administration. 

The Community Council meets once a term. The Community Council may provide advice in areas such as:

      Curriculum offerings

     Educational procedures for the College e.g. reporting, homework

    Student welfare procedures e.g. discipline, sun safe

      Parent support processes

      Other matters as requested by the Parish Priest or Principal.

The Community Council consists of ex-officio members – the Parish Priests, the Principal, and up to five parent members elected by 

the parents, caregivers of students, a staff representative, and two Principal nominees.

2024 Community Council Membership 

Chair                                                    Violetta Wuiske

Secretary                                              Steph Parry

Treasurer                                              Kevin Kelly

Parish Priest (ex Officio)                       Fr George Ogah  

Principal (ex Officio)                              Shane Giles

Staff Representative                              Adrian Wels

Staff Representative                              Antoinette Woods

Staff Representative                             Barb Gough

 Community Member                           Jess Smith

 Community Member                           Andrew Michelin

 Community Member                           Raelene Forbess

 Community Member                          Lauren Traise

 Community Member                           Meg Barrett

About our some of our Members ...


For further information about our Community Council please contact the College on 6495 8888 or email