Starting Kindergarten is an important step for you and your child.  Your child will grow socially and emotionally. Their ability to think, use and recognise language and their fine motor skills will be developed through play, art, dance, music, movement and interacting with others.

Most importantly, your child will be learning to become an effective learner as they develop and extend their communication skills, build their self-confidence, learn to be creative, and develop skills that assist them with reading, writing and mathematics.


Orientation Program

The College conducts a Kindergarten Orientation Program during November each year.  Please contact our Enrolment Officer on (02) 6495 8829 for further information.  Your child must have been enrolled at the College in order to attend our Orientation Days.

Message from our Kindergarten Teacher

Starting school is an important step in a young child's life. Robert Fulghum once said,

“All I really need to know... I learned in Kindergarten.” 

Kindergarten is all about getting to know how things work at school, making friends and having fun. At Lumen Christi Kindergarten offers a vibrant learning program in a nurturing and safe environment for all students. Our Kindergarten students are involved in tasks that are related to real life experiences which allow them to explore, grow, learn and express their uniqueness."

Kate Baker
Kindergarten Teacher