Our Committment to Children, Young People & Families 

               Lumen Christi Catholic College adopts the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Child Safeguarding Commitment

    • The Archdiocese is committed to creating a safe environment and instituting procedures to prevent abuse whilst responding to allegations and disclosures of abuse.  

    • All children and vulnerable people have a right to safety and freedom from abuse of any kind. 

    • All adults working with children and vulnerable people have a responsibility to care for them, to promote their wellbeing and to protect them from any form of abuse.  

    • When any action is taken to prevent or respond to any type of abuse, the welfare and wellbeing of the child or vulnerable person is the primary concern.  

    • The integrity of the family unit is respected but not to the detriment of the child or vulnerable person and the right of the child or vulnerable person to be heard.  

    • The dignity of persons involved in situations where abuse is suspected or disclosed should be respected; they should be treated with fairness, sensitivity, dignity and respect. In the interests of justice, appropriate confidentiality must be maintained, with information that relates to suspected or disclosed abuse being provided only to those who have a right or a need to be informed.

Safeguarding Our Students

See Catholic Education's Child Safety Standards here

Student Wellbeing

Lumen Christi Catholic College belongs to a system of schools that proudly declares a special consideration for each individual and the development of the whole person. We endeavour to provide our students with a tangible link between contemporary society and the messages of the Gospel and Christian values and in doing so, enhance the personal and moral development of our students. Our College Vision and Mission Statement indicates the need to provide a positive, safe, supportive, encouraging environment together with an approach to discipline based on a climate of affirmation, challenge and trust.



College Houses 

College Houses form the framework for student wellbeing and pastoral care at Lumen Christi. Our Houses are fundamental in developing College and House "spirit" and providing a sense of "belonging" for our students.

Our College House system also provides opportunities for student leadership and informal peer mentoring. Every student at Lumen Christi belongs to one of four Houses – Monaroo, Gudu, Bobberrer or Baringa.


Pastoral Care Classes

Your child will meet every day with their Pastoral Care or Class Teacher to join in prayer, receive daily messages and discuss any issues they may be facing in their school or home life.

The first point of contact for students and families for any concerns including, illnesses, relationships, behavioural and other difficulties, should be your child's Pastoral Care or Class teacher.


Weekly Pastoral Care Program

Our weekly Pastoral Program has been developed to focus specifically on student health and wellbeing with an emphasis on many of the contemporary issues facing today's school aged children.

Some of the areas might include careers pathways, cybersafety, healthy relationships, study skills, positive psychology, social justice, sport and fitness.



Student Affirmation is a positive behaviour program where students are awarded gold, silver and bronze awards. Students are presented with "Light of Christ" Certificates during College Assemblies. Merits accumulate Kindergarten to Year 6 and Year 7 to Year 12.


Restorative Justice 

Restorative Justice practices underpin a whole school commitment to quality relationships. It establishes a philosophy and a set of practices that reflect a commitment to inclusiveness and collaborative problem solving. It provides the College with strategies to manage students with challenging behaviours while maintaining the respect and dignity of all parties.


Student Retreats

Student Retreats are an integral part of College life and each year group has a day set aside for a Retreat. Students are expected to attend Retreats as they are considered a compulsory part of the College curriculum.  As part of the transition from primary school, our Year 7 students attend an Orientation Camp in their first Term of high school at Lumen Christi.   Our Year 12 students also attend a three day Senior Retreat.


College Mass & Sacramental Programs

Students are expected to attend mass and support the Catholic ethos of the College.  Kindergarten to Year 6 students also participate in regular class masses. Sacramental programs are offered throughout the year and are conducted by our local parishes.


Faith in Action 

Your child will be encouraged to focus on "inspiring hope" and to work within our community to help others. Activities might include supporting Project Compassion, St Vinnies and Christmas Appeals, Fred Hollows Foundation, local surf clubs, Mary MacKillop Foundation and Ricky's Place. We also encourage students to be involved in at least 10 hours of community service during the year. Students receive Service awards for 10, 20 and 40 hours of service depending on their commitment.


Counselling Services 

The College engages the services of two qualified counsellors on a part-time basis. This service is provided through an arrangement between Catholic Education and CatholicCare. Students and their families can be supported through difficult times including, illnesses, relationships, behavioural and other difficulties. You can make a confidential appointment to see the College Counsellor by phoning 6495 8896 or by emailing Jessica.O'Rourke@catholiccare.cg.org.au and Samantha.Hutchence@catholiccare.cg.org.au