Seaspray Cafe


Healthy Eating at School

The Seaspray Café is a great place for your child to start learning about the enjoyment of healthy eating. The food your child consumes during the school day contributes to a significant portion of their daily food intake and enhances your child’s ability to learn and take in the information presented in class. Therefore it makes sense to try to ensure the best food possible is available in our College Café. We believe the Seaspray Café provides the means by which children and adolescents can put into practice the theory about nutrition being taught in the  classroom at Lumen Christi.  We aim to  provide a  variety of tasty, fresh, nutritious food, catering for a variety of tastes, for you and your child, everyday.   

Volunteer at Seaspray Cafe

Seaspray Café is only able to operate as successfully as it does with the valued support of our parent and grandparent volunteers, who all do an amazing job! In order to continue to offer a variety of nutritious, affordable and tasty foods for your child we need two volunteers each day to assist with food preparation and sales. We promise a warm friendly environment, morning tea, lunch, well mannered students, and grateful staff!  If you can offer a couple of hours to assist please contact our Cafe Manager on 6595 8888.

Ordering at Seaspray Cafe with QKR!

Sometimes no matter what we do, mornings are a rush to get out the door.  That’s why being able to simplify that part of the day is so important.  

With Qkr! by Mastercard, you no longer need to spend valuable time organising cash for lunch orders — you can do it all on your mobile device or computer at a time that suits you.  By using Qkr! you can ensure your child is eating well by managing their canteen orders.  Place your Qkr! order by 9.00am each morning or alternatively order up to two weeks in advance.   

Signing up for Qkr!  is  easy and all it takes is a few minutes.  Download the app to your mobile device or open the Qkr! Web Shop on your computer.  Add your child’s name, link your credit card and your ready to start ordering!   For more information about Qkr! please contact the College on 6495 8888.

Cash order payments will still be accepted for those parents and carers not choosing to take advantage of Qkr!.  Place your payment in a paper bag marked with your child’s name, Year, PC class and order details and your child can drop it into the order box located outside the Seaspray Café by 11:00 am each morning.  Over the counter cash sales at breakfast, recess and lunchtime will still be available.