Schoolzine How To

What is Schoolzine?

Schoolzine is a great way for parents and carers to keep up to date with all the latest College information including emergency notifications, Principals messages, excursion information notes, community notices, careers information, Seaspray Café menus, Uniform Shop information and more.

How do I access Schoolzine? 

There are three ways you can access Lumen Christi’s Schoolzine information stream. 

The information published on all three streams will be exactly the same ...  so no matter which option you choose, whether you're at your computer or using your mobile, you’ll always be kept up to date about what’s happening at Lumen Christi.  

1. Download the Schoolzine SZAPP

Install SZAPP to receive notifications directly to your mobile device.  Full directions for installing are provided below.


2. Email

Subscribe to Schoolzine email by completing the form below.

3 College Website

Look for the Latest News tab on the bottom right hand side of our website home page, or use the link provided below. 

How to Download SZAPP to your mobile device

The Schoolzine app "SZAPP" is completely free for parents and carers to download.

Download pdf instructions for downloading SZAPP.

Find out how to download Schoolzine SZAPP by watching a video


Remember to subscribe to your child’s year groups …

Subscribing to your child’s year groups will ensure that you don't miss out on information that's relevant to your child.  To subscribe to a group: 

  1. SZAPP select the “Manage” tab and toggle to activate your child’s year groups;
  2. Email – use the “Manage Profiles” link at the bottom of any Schoolzine email to activate your child’s year groups.

Where can I find College Events and the College Calendar?

Our College Calendar can be accessed by either:

  1. SZAPP use the “Calendar” tile in SZAPP
  2. College website – Look for the College Calendar tile on the website home page. or follow the Connect > Calendar tabs on the College website.  

Schoolzine FAQ'S

Do you need more information - try the Schoolzine FAQ’s page at 

Help and more Information ...

For further Schoolzine assistance and information, please contact Janine Bradley at the College on 6495 8813, email or email