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  Qkr! Lumen Christi's Preferred Payment Method

Convenient and easy to use ... Qkr!™ (pronounced 'quicker') is a free mobile app that enables parents and carers to order and pay for your child's canteen orders and pay for excursions and College fees directly from their smart device or computer 24 hours a day.

Qkr accepts all major credit and debit cards and you can can register more than one card.   More information is available by:

1. Downloading the instruction pdf here.

2. Watching the Qkr How to Video for your mobile device.

3. Signing up via the Qkr! Web Shop via your computer.

4. Reading Qkr! Hints and Tips below

Coming soon to Qkr! at Lumen Christi - excursion permissions!

For further information about Qkr please contact Janine Bradley at the College.

Qkr Tips & Hints for Parents and Carers

  1. Can I add multiple payment cards?
  2. How do I add or delete payment cards?
  3. Can two parents set up an account for the same student?
  4. How can I keep track of my Qkr! payments?
  5. How are Qkr! refunds processed?
  6. How do I add or update a photo of my child on the Qkr! app?
  7. What is the reason for having a child's photo on the Qkr! app?
  8. How can I remove unwanted items from my shopping cart?
  9. Can I copy this week's orders to next week?
  10. How do I use the calendar display when placing food orders?
  11. How do I complete my payment after submitting a form?
  12. How do I cancel food orders that have already been paid for?
  13. Should I log out from the Qkr! app for security?
  14. How can I be sure my child's food order has been received by the school?


Qkr! How to Video for Mobile Devices


Qkr! in Primary Schools





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