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College Network and Facilites

The College network is provided for staff and students to facilitate resource sharing, collaboration, innovation and communication.

The College Information facilities include four Apple Mac computer labs, three are large computer labs of between 26 and 28 computers each and one mini lab of 12 computers.

The Art faculty has 12 Macs and the Learning Center has 10 Macs.

All Primary students (K-5) have access to computers and/or iPads for use in their classrooms.

All students have individual network logons, e-mail accounts and cloud storage using Google Drive. 

In addition to the computer resources, the College has also invested in twenty-five Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) which contributes to the College’s dynamic and engaging learning environment.

  Download the Student Acceptable use Agreement Personal Electronic Devices (Years 5-12)

  Download the Student Acceptable use Agreement Information and Communication Technologies (K-Year 12)


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