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Lumen Christi provides a dynamic yet flexible curriculum which incorporates positive and innovative teaching and learning strategies. Learning occurs in an environment where positive relationships are inherently based on a foundation of trust, respect and courtesy. 

The Teaching and Learning Philosophy at Lumen Christi arise from our vision and mission. 

Learning is core to all of our activities. Learning is about personal growth, developing good relationships, engaging our communities and fulfilling the potential of our God given talents.

We ‘Shine our Light’ through the Christian values of Faith, Hope and Love. (1Cor:1:13)

In learning, we actively seek answers to challenging questions, to ask the bigger questions of how and why, and we express our knowledge in ways that illuminate our understanding of the world.

In teaching, we challenge our students to develop lifelong habits of mind, to be inquisitive and to adopt a growth mindset that enables them to strive to improve.

At Lumen Christi Catholic College, we do not hide our light under a bushel ... we aspire to be the best that we can.  







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